Kent Killmer
Red House   Fiction. Perhaps.


RED HOUSE  Fiction. Perhaps.

Right wing 'Key' patriot shakes up US in search of President's puppeteer

Frustrated at a socialistice President & US Administration?
Suffering from angst while toiling under a 'Red White House'?  
Well.  Get in line.

To be amused or muse...

Would you enjoy a laugh-out-loud tale which takes a point of view politically, gift-wrapped in a wry yarn?  Or. Do your tastes lean more towards cotton-mouth-dry, pedantic, lofty tomes?  You know.  The ones that have a soporific effect and drone on incessantly until drooling is induced.  If the latter, then this isn't your cup of Chi Scooter. 


Till Debt Due US Part / Avoiding the Jedi Mind Trick

Alternatively, you have been paying attention.  You're astounded by how many of your friends think the mounding on of debilitating debt, unsustainable budgets and a rush towards socialism is inconsequential as a corrupt White House smiles broadly and waves its hand dismissively as a Jedi mind trick.  You shake your head in disbelief as you wonder why the US wants bankruptcy while colleagues opine in full voice; these things tend to wax and wane afterall, one person can't make a difference anyway.  Right?


Tea Party Favorite Book? / Edutainment

Perhaps looking for a book to send to a younger relative who doesn't understand politics, and really has no interest in learning, unless it's intertwined in a graphic, yet amusing, irreverent fictional thriller?  Essentially edutainment?  Maybe a Tea Partier, or perchance for your conservative folks who bemoan; America's losing her grit, we're too PC causing the 'chick-a-fickation' of America, "Reagan's spinning in his grave"... and this wouldn't have stood back-in-the-day? 


'Faction' / Don't be so open minded your brains fall out

Or.  Maybe it's for one of your liberal friends.  Who (since it's chock-full of facts could be considered "faction") need a few paint-by-numbers where this is headed if the Silent Majority doesn't drop Cheetos, leap out of their Barcalounger and man-up to a bull horn with a fervor not felt in their loins since that first tryst under the bleachers.  Or.  Maybe it's just for you.  You need a break.  You share the point of view politically and enjoy a good action thriller.  And, with all the bellyaching going on, simply prefer a good hoot.  If so, then you'd better come down on this like a chicken-on-a-June bug. 



Most advanced civilizations' lifecycle is but a couple hundred years.  We should reflect upon what we do, or don't do, in the next few years as it will materially change how this nation is governed.  Forever.


               "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."  Edmond Burke.


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