Kent Killmer
Red House   Fiction. Perhaps.

"Robert Dugoni - NY Times Best selling author"  Killmer's debut novel, RED HOUSE, follows in the footsteps of Clive Cussler - fantasy rooted in fact.  Protagonist Francis Scott Key is a fresh voice with a unique perspective on the world and an irreverent, often hysterical way of expressing it.  He kept me reading late into the night.  If you like Clive Cussler adventures, with a dose of political satire, you'll love RED HOUSE  Fiction. Perhaps.

Check out this steaming hot recommendation for Bob Dugoni"s most recent legal thriller -- The Conviction here.  His previous book Murder One, just won the Harper Lee Award's popular vote in 2012.  John Grisham (who Dugoni is often likened to) has also won this prestigious award in the past.

"Richard Walter - UCLA Screenwriting Chairman"   Killmer's RED HOUSE is a breakneck-paced thriller that pulses with terror and stuns with surprises from the first few sentences.  Warning:  Lock the doors and arm your security system before reading.  Be certain to schedule a few free hours before starting the book, as upon reading even merely the opening you will not be able to stop until the breathtaking conclusion.

"A Kid"  This political thriller is a pleasure to read that keeps your interest with many interesting twists and turns.  The story line includes humor, romance, savagery, incredible odds and last, but not least, a plot that will make you ponder the current U.S. economy and political climate.

"agispec"  I am a fan of suspense mystery novels and this has to be one of the best I've read.  I would expect to see it on the best seller list soon.

"B. Petersen"  Fast paced story that holds one's interest from start to finish.  A book that makes you think about what could happen especially in today's political climate.

"Big Sky"  Holy *?@#!  I read the Prologue and had nightmares.  Seriously.  It's unusual to be so frightened and LOL entertained in the same book.

"Tater Tot"  This modern day thriller, while fiction, is so full of contemporary facts that I understand why the subtitle is Fiction. Perhaps.  This is a hold your breath page turner where you're on the edge of your seat from page one.  Most frightening?  This could all really happen to the U.S.

"O.39Art"  Who is this guy & why haven't I heard of him?  Just about the time I have the snot scared out of me I'm laughing my ass off.  Full of authentic tidbits which add realism to the tale.  Amazing action - can't wait for the movie! 

"Michigander"  Move over Robert Ludlum (Bourne Identity).  OK... maybe it's more like a bizarre mash-up of a Robert Ludlum plot-line meets the zany dialogue of a Chelsea Handler.

"D.Olive"  Thought provoking, gritty, suspenseful tale that I could not put down. Makes me take a harder look at our political system and how it operates. Killmer's sarcastic, witty writing style is a delight to read.

"JW"  Could not put it down this morning! Rarely is a dark thriller so spit your coffee out funny (be careful when you are sipping and reading). Killmer has more than the usual two speed pacing of gallop and run in this creation. Irreverent humor is played against sweeping international intrigue, mayhem and sinisterly creative violence. Full of present day facts which shows where this is all headed if left unchecked. Is Kent Killmer today's George Orwell?

"Njeanz"  This book is a dynamic political thriller, a nail-biting intriguing tale of international politics, government corruption and romance that will keep you engaged from start to finish! Looking forward to Kent Killmer's next work of . . . "Fiction. Perhaps."

"Joyce V"  I would slam the book shut and shake my head.  God only knows what sounds I made.  Then as quickly as I shut the book I would recompose myself, grab it and continue reading.  It truly was a great book and I really enjoyed it... kudos to Killmer...deep, dark Killmer...

"43aOK"  As the book cover promotes -- it's gritty.  Not politically correct, the irreverent humor is juxtaposed against the dark political underbelly of a corrupt fictitious US Administration.  Oddly sobering and hillarious at the same time.  While the picture painted is more than a bit disconcerting -- when one pays attention to the data and examines the global linkages... it's not a stretch.

"eBookMall" Ranked RED HOUSE #61 in their Top 100 Adobe New Releases in the Thriller category.  See ranking here.  

"CD Wow!" US ranked RED HOUSE #33 in their paperback Top 100 Thriller category.  See ranking here.

"CD Wow!" US ranked RED HOUSE #10 in their hardcover Top 100 Thriller category.  See ranking here.

"" ranked RED HOUSE #3 in their Mystery / Thriller / Fiction / Political category.  See ranking here.

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